Applying online in Ikhedut

Applying online in Ikhedut: I shut down Numerous government programs that provide assistance to farmers. Farmers can use the IKHEDUT portal’s Vvidh Yojanas dt to apply for subsidies. Opening day is set for April 22. I can therefore start applying for subsidies for various schemes online as of April 22.

Applying online in Ikhedut: Overview

Scheme Farmer Subsidy Schemes
Department: Horticulture Department
Application ModeOnline
Last Date 22-4-2023 to 31-5-2023
Farmersof Beneficiary State
Official website

The following components can be applied online on the Ikhedut site for the Horticulture Department’s various positions for the academic year 2023–2024.

  • Fruit Planting in Private Other than High Cost of Cultivation
  • assistance with tissue culture culturing Kharek plants a variety of veggies
  • Papaya Kacha/Ardhpada/Pakamandap (TSU) and Chuta Phulpak Plantain (TSU)
  • upgrading old gardens
  • (Mulching) Plastic covering
  • Bee Programme Assistance in Kamalam Phal (Dragonfoot), Comprehensive Horticulture Development Mission.
  • Network/Green House Plug Bird/birds protection net for nurseries and nurseries
  • the primary, portable, or smallest processing unit
  • Prizes for female trainees
  • tractor (20 PTO HP maximum)
  • More than 8 BHP for Power Till2
  • mounted or controlled pryor for tractors
  • Storage tanks for irrigation drip
  • A ripening chamber was installed in the new tissue culture lab
  • frozen storage
  • For the cold chain’s upgrading and adoption of technologies

Application Process:-

Contact your local VCE in the Gramme Panchayat to submit an online application for the horticulture department’s different subsidy programs for the fiscal year 2023–2024. You can apply online by following the steps listed below if you want to.

  • To apply online, first, go to the official website at
  • It will display a list of all the different parts of the Horticulture Department’s plans.
  • Read all of the terms for the component you want to apply for online carefully among these several components.
  • then select the Apply Online link that is provided in front of it.
  • Fill in your information, including name, address, and phone number, first.
  • Enter your host farmer’s information in the following field.
  • Finally, carefully read your complete application before submitting it.
  • Get this application printed now.
  • And deliver it, along with the required paperwork, to the district horticultural department office.

Document List for E Farmer:-

The following documents must be submitted with the application after one has applied Online using the Ikhedut portal.

  • Copy of Farmer’s 8-A Copy of Nos. 7 and 12 for the land to be covered by the subsidy program
  • Aadhaar card copy Bank passbook copy

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